Egg Cup at Gold Standard Cafe

There’s been a lot of speculation in West Philly about the Gold Standard Cafe, run by the folks who brought us the notoriously mediocre Abbraccio. But another brunch spot is sorely needed in the neighborhood, and a cafe serving La Colombe right off the trolley stop sounds pretty tempting, too. The cafe itself is nicely appointed, even cute, with bar stool seat that look out … Continue reading Egg Cup at Gold Standard Cafe

Local 44

Señor Lanky and I have been waiting for Local 44 with baited breath for months, every since Brendan “Spanky” Hartranft confirmed the rumor of its West Philly opening one Sunday brunch as we gobbled fried pickles at Memphis Taproom. I immediately signed up for the mailing list, I’ve checked the website obsessively, I’ve bike past slowly and looked in the windows. Finally. Finally, Local 44 … Continue reading Local 44